About Us

We are brave.
We like challenges.
We want to change the way people move

BYKKO is a multi-award winning Australian green tech provider of electric bike sharing and e-mobility systems.

What is unique about BYKKO is our extensive experience in both technology development and daily operations, as well as network planning and urban cycling expertise.

Our built-in telematics, versatile API capabilities, and robust security make BYKKO the ultimate choice for station-based e-bike sharing and e-mobility.

We partner with state government and local councils for public e-bike share schemes, help plan and implement programs for residential developments as well as providing solutions for independent operators and corporate fleets.

We work with our partners to develop a bespoke e-bike share network building a durable financial model that aligns investment decisions with the economics of bike share. .

We use technology for an active and healthy lifestyle with a positive impact on the community well-being and the future of urban transportation.

We believe in innovation and quality above all else.

Meet Our Leading Team

Monica Zarafu

Founder & CEO

Monica is an expert in innovative transport solutions with over 25 years of academic, local government and industry practice in Australia, United States and Europe.
Monica is a champion of integrating active travel and e-mobility into future urban transport mix for healthier, safer and more sustainable communities.
Monica’s research of personal rapid transit systems brought her a number of scholarships and awards, including a scholarship from CSIRO and the First Annual Martin Lowson Paper Award conferred by the US Advanced Transit Association (ATRA). She has given presentations at prestigious forums and international conferences and she is considered a world-wide expert in shared mobility and sustainable urban transport.
Monica is a strong advocate for women leaders in shared mobility and transport industry, as well as creating more women-friendly transport ecosystems.

Marius Zarafu

Director of Technology

Marius is a technology expert with more than 20 years of experience in Software Architecture/ UX Design/ Industrial Design and Technology Development, both in Australia and Europe.
With multi-faceted skills and a wide-ranging background in technology implementation and operations, Marius leads the R&D and Innovation unit at BYKKO.
He never gets bored and he likes to fix bikes.

Jonathon Nunan

Business Development Advisor

With 20 years’ experience in the cycling industry in the UK and Australia, Jonathon has a passion and acumen for bike mobility projects, market-share strategy, relationship management, consumer engagement, supply chain dynamics and modern retail.
He is the operator of Australia's only specialist Bicycle Industry Consultancy and a regular contributor to leading cycle industry sites and publications, such as Bicycling Trade, Bike Roar and Cycling Industry News.

Kate Bartz

PR and Communication Manager

Kate is a strategic communications specialist with 20 years’ experience in both the public and private sector.
Kate is passionate working with businesses to tell their stories and is happiest when she is wrangling lots of different projects, especially ones with community at the heart.

Our experience

We have learned that there is not a one-size-fits-all solution and we have the expertise to develop the best possible solution – from supplying top quality e-bikes and charging stations, to customising the proprietary IT platform with every need to manage performance, and to advising on creating positive user journey experiences.

Our experience as operators of public bike sharing programs and corporate fleets helps us understand all aspects of running a network, from bike service and maintenance, and fleet management issues, to high quality customer service, marketing, collecting and reporting data.

We have developed an end-to-end solution with one point of contact providing service and support to partners, across technology deployment, user experience and fleet management.

We have also learned the hard way that there is no place for compromise in product quality. This is why we partnered with the best manufacturers for every single component of the system. We rigorously stress-test every e-bike component before ever deploying on city streets. The result is the most reliable,easy to use and inteligent electric system available today in shared mobility.

Best for the best.