Manage your own electric bike rental fleet
with the power of BYKKO



E Mobility is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world, expected to be worth over $20 billion (USD) by 2023.

As leaders in E Mobility we’re looking for people with an entrepreneurial spirit to partner with us as we bring this transport revolution to life.

Become a BYKKO independent operator and you’ll join a sector that’s…


As an Independent Operator, you have full control of your own independent business. You’ll own your network of automated bicycle rental stations and your own electric bike fleet.

Unlike other bike rental services, BYKKO smart docking stations keep the bikes charged, secure, and easy to manage.
Our experts can work with you to find the best locations for your stations, launch your business, and manage your fleet.


Our robust equipment, built-in telematics and fleet tracking technology make BYKKO the ultimate choice for e-bike sharing and smart mobility.

BYKKO proprietary sharing platform and our versatile API capability is adaptable to any market depending on operator’s needs.

Electric Bikes

  • Premium European made electric bikes
  • Pedal assist bikes with power assistance up to 25km/h
  • Motor power echoes rider’s efforts for a more natural cycling feeling
  • Strong, fast charge batteries with 50+ km range
  • Purpose built for sharing with real-time battery, motor, brakes, and motion monitoring

Charging Stations

  • Self-service charging and docking stations
  • Fast charging wireless induction pads
  • Modular configuration from 2 to 20 docks per station
  • Anodised aluminium 10 years corrosion resistant
  • Standards: IEC Certification, EMC Certification, IP65 water sealing

User Interface

  • User-friendly web-app with step by step instructions for the user
  • Easy unlock with one tap or scan the QR code
  • Map with real-time data of bike availability at each station
  • Trip history, receipts, promo codes, secure payment portal
  • Integrated customer support platform

Fleet Management

  • Built-in ECU means e-bike and charging station diagnostics are relayed straight to the fleet manager
  • GPS location, riding history, battery health for total control of your fleet
  • Set pricing, promo codes, track charge levels, trip info, transactions and more
  • Stay in touch with your customers, set up email alerts, promotions and more on the fly
  • Analyse transport metrics and business performance indicators (trip distance, travel time, peak times, best utilised locations, expenditure per customer etc.)


Want to learn more about how you can join the E-mobility revolution?

Our team are ready to create a business plan that’s tailored to your specific situation and can begin delivering a payback on your investment in 1-2 years.