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We are experts in acquisition, planning, design and layout advice.

We make it easy for future operators to secure lucrative locations and exclusive licence agreements.

As a BYKKO Operator, you will become a part of the global multi-billion-dollar smart mobility and the cycling industry.

We provide our operators with all the necessary information and tools for an easy way to earn income from day one and be successful.


Step 1

Call us today to schedule a time for a meeting or conference call.
We will answer all your questions about the business model and listen to what you would like to accomplish with BYKKO.

Step 2

We will work together to determine the right size for your rental fleet taking into account your operation area and target market - tourists, universities, local communities, public schemes.
You will purchase state-of-the-art technology in electric bike rental stations.

Step 3

Learn how to maximise your business with an informative training session.
We will provide you with all the technical details about the system and software and give you essential tips to make your ongoing service and maintenance effortless.

Step 4

The final stage will be delivery of the electric bikes and smart docks and installing the stations at the agreed locations.
You can monitor the system from anywhere giving you the freedom like no other business.

BYKKO Platform

High-end Technology

Our premium French manufactured electric bikes deliver a powerful motor-assisted range of 50 to 70 kilometres and reach assisted speeds of up to 25 km/h.
Each electric bike is equipped with GPS for real-time tracking so the operator can monitor location, trip status and distance travelled.

While docked, the bikes conveniently charge fast taking no longer than 3 hours.

The docks also have multiple smart features that prevent theft and vandalism.
BYKKO Platform

BYKKO Software

The front-end is a user-friendly web app available on every mobile device.

The users can easily unlock a bike by scanning a QR code.

Users can see their trip history, access promotions and report damaged bikes.
BYKKO Platform

Fleet Management

The back-end management software allows operators to get real-time information about the bikes, stations, battery status, trips, transactions and users.

It also allows customised functionalities such as rental pricing, discounts, the limit and terms of use.
BYKKO Platform

Frequently Asked Questions

1What is the cost per station?
The cost per station depends on how many bikes and docks are required to make a station. To be selected as a BYKKO partner, a minimum capital investment of $195,000 is needed.
2Is there a minimum order quantity?
It depends on your operation area and the size of your market. We take the time to look into each order and make decisions on a case-by-case basis.
3Is there a license fee?
Yes, there is a monthly software licence fee of $50 per dock.
4Is there a royalty fee?
No, there is no royalty or marketing fee or revenue share.
5Is this a franchise agreement?
No, the agreement between BYKKO and the operator is not a franchise agreement. Each operator will run the business independently. However, BYKKO will provide ongoing support to grow your business.
6Does BYKKO offer finance on stations?
Yes, we can facilitate financing through Finlease (Australia) Pty Ltd subject to your financial assessment.
7Does BYKKO provide locations?
Yes, we can secure location agreements for you for a fee. We will prepare a list of available locations after you sign the purchasing agreement.
8What models of electric bikes am I able to purchase?
We currently offer the French-manufactured EzBike and WDS smart docks for purchase. We continually improve the equipment, and new models will become available in the future. Other vehicles, like cargo bikes and electric scooters, can be supplied on request.
9Will I need to create an app?
No, your fleet will run through the existing BYKKO web-app.
10How does the user access the bike?
The users will create an account on the BYKKO platform, and they can easily unlock the bike by scanning the QR code or introducing the dock number.
11How does the user pay the rental fees?
The software will calculate the fee as per your payment plan, and it will automatically charge the user when they return the bike. The system also allows holding a deposit on the user's credit or debit card for payment security.
12Can I track the bikes in real-time?
Yes, each electric bike has its own individual GPS tracker so you can see the bike position in real-time.
13What kind of work is required to operate the stations?
The system is designed to be maintenance friendly and to require minimum operational effort. On a routine maintenance visit, you have to check tyres pressure, brakes efficiency, gear change, bike electrical assistance and the general bike condition. You will also need to answer your customers enquiries; however; the user will get all the information required through their user account.

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