Quality first, not profit first, is our philosophy.

We have partnered with the world’s best manufacturers and Europe’s leaders in electric bike-share technology.

BYKKO’s systems incorporate advanced data technology including:

  • usage mapping
  • activity feedback
  • booking
  • integrated payment solutions

With its completely automated recharging and bike access system, BYKKO is the perfect solution to manage a fleet intended for collective use.

Nuvelo Electric Bike Share Station

EZYLock - Instant bike share system for electric bikes and cargo bikes

A complete solution for convenient management and sharing of all types of electric bicycles. A cloud-connected tracking device allows remote operation of locks, and can also monitor vehicle activity and track it on a map.

SMART LOCK - fits almost any bike and it's alarm protected

SIMPLE STATION - quick DIY installation

FLEET MASTER - user management fleet monitoring

MOBILE - autonomous hiring through app or SMS