Newcastle Electric Bike Sharing
On Demand Public Transport Service

The On Demand Public Transport pilot program was launched in November 2016 to identify and pilot creative new ways for people to reach their destinations quickly, safely, easily and efficiently, at a time that suits them.
The overarching objective of the pilots is to improve Transport for NSW’s (TfNSW) understanding of On Demand public transport models that could improve customer outcomes. The outcomes of these pilots aim to improve the transport network and the way transport services are delivered in the future.
To achieve these objectives, TfNSW sought innovative ideas from the market to develop and run a number of pilots aimed at identifying the potential for different solutions to achieve our collective goals.
Following an evaluation process 8 initial pilots were identified and announced on 16 August 2017. The first pilot, Bankstown, commenced in mid-October with the remaining 7 announced pilots commencing during late 2017 and early 2018. In November 2017, TfNSW announced a further 3 pilots to commence in early/mid 2017 including bike services for the Newcastle area.
TfNSW has awarded a contract to BYKKO for the delivery of electric bikes to selected areas in and around the Newcastle CBD. The electric bikes will be housed in docking stations and must be returned to the docking station by the customer (ie not left on footpaths).
Customers will be able to hire the bikes on a one off basis or by subscribing to a weekly or monthly membership. The provision of this transport option will provide a simple and effective means of intra city transport with the potential to reduce the number of cars entering the Newcastle CBD.
For further information please contact the On Demand Transport team at .

The electric bikes will be securely locked and charged in the bike docks and must be returned to a docking station.

BYKKO’s integrated smart technology

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