What We Do

We deliver cost-effective, customised and practical bike-share ecosystems

We offer quality and compliance-based equipment.

Our systems are designed to comply with Australian safety standard and planning rules.

BYKKO has several business models that provide flexibility when implementing practical bike mobility solutions, both public and private, and leased or owned.

BYKKO provides a full service facility.

We take care of everything from equipment, logistics, installation, service and maintenance, IT support, user interface, fleet management, data collection and reporting.

Our experience as operators of automated bike-hire terminals helps us understand all aspects of running a network, from bike service and maintenance, and fleet management issues, to high-quality customer service, marketing, collecting and reporting data.

We are consultant experts in bike sharing and bicycle urbanism

Using data analysis, global comparisons and proprietary cartographic methods, we provide quantitative appraisals of cities and precincts.

BYKKO works with councils in implementing successful bike-sharing systems, starting with low-cost feasibility studies that provide succinct and focused reports. We know how to analyse where bike share has worked, where it can't, and where, even on a limited scale, it can be beneficial. We are also ready to monitor the impacts of these systems.

Planning for bicycle urbanism requires new modes of thinking that grow from a clear understanding of the unique characteristics of cycling as a method of transportation, an aesthetic experience and a creator of spatial relationships.

In partnership with universities and independent consultancies, we conduct and disseminate research to standards required for peer-reviewed publication. We are using a holistic range of research methods to monitor the impacts of the schemes and we communicate those with reports and public lectures.