E-Mobility for Every Body

BYKKO offers turnkey solutions for electric bike sharing and e-mobility hubs as exclusive amenities to workplaces, apartment buildings, hotels and precincts.

Our goal is to build healthier communities by reducing barriers to cycling and active travel for every Body regardless of gender, age, fitness level, or social status.

Meet your net-zero and wellbeing targets in one simple move

Give your residents or workers a green, healthy way to get around without having to develop complex infrastructure to make it happen.

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Change isn't coming. It's already here.

And for at least the next decade, people are going to have two things on their minds:

Is this green?



Your people want to know they are not damaging the environment.

Is this healthy?



Your people have health and wellbeing as one of their top priorities.

You can deliver both (almost) effortlessly


Here's how BYKKO works

There are huge benefits for the environment...


  • 92% reduction in CO2 emitted for every kilometre cycled
  • Aligned with net-zero emissions target for your company and with the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Station-based system designed to last for at least 10 years, meaning less waste
  • An easy way to decarbonize your local community

...for your people's health


  • 40% lower risk of dying of cancer OR 54% lower risk of developing cancers*
  • 40% lower risk of premature mortality (compared to drivers)*
  • 50% lower risk of dying of heart disease OR 46% lower risk of developing heart disease*
* based on 150 minutes of commuting by bike to/from work per week

...and for your property

  • 1 shared car parking space can fit 10 e-bikes
  • A single BYKKO station can work for 100 users
  • BYKKO usage is skyrocketing (4X growth in just one year!)

Here's a bit about our tech


A broad level of summary of everything - if you're looking to get real nerdy, just get in touch with the team for a full breakdown


And some info on how we work


BYKKO has worked for a lot of different organisations - and it can work for you.

Check out a few places we've helped:


Red Energy

Electricity & Gas Provider


Red Energy headquarters, Melbourne.



1 station with 6 electric bikes and 6 fast charging docks.


Business Model:

Weekly Hire, on-going service and maintenance by BYKKO.



  • Employees: Free


 6-Star Greenfield Development


The Link, sale display and training centre.



1 station with 4 electric bikes and 4 fast charging docks.


Business Model:

Outright purchase, on-going service and maintenance by BYKKO.



  • Employees: Free
  • Visitors: first 2 hours free, then $10 per hour 

NRMA Parks and Resorts

Camping, Caravans and Cabins


Airlie Beach, Ballarat, Capricorn Yeppoon, Eastern Beach, Forster Tuncurry, Halls Gap, Jindabyne, Merimbula Beach, Ocean Beach, Phillip Island Beachfront, Portland Bay, Port Macquarie Breakwall, South West Rocks, Treasure Island, Woodgate Beach.



1 station with 5 electric bikes and 5 fast charging docks at each park.


Business Model: Outright purchase, on-going service and maintenance by BYKKO.



  • NRMA Members: $15/hour
  • Non-Members: $30/hour

SOHO Canberra

Mulberry Apartments


Northbound Avenue ACT.



1 station with 10 electric bikes and 10 fast charging docks.


Business Model:

Subscription-based sponsorship, on-going service and maintenance by BYKKO.



  • Residents: 1- Hour Pass Free every day, for 12 months
  • Visitors and General Public: 1- hour Pass $15, 4-Hour Pass $35, Weekly Pass - $95

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Is BYYKO expensive to run?
Nope! Compared to EV fleets, car sharing or shuttle buses, it actually works out to be more affordable. Plus there are tax benefits such as instant asset write-off for direct purchase or novated lease options for commuting by e-bikes.
Do we need training?
BYKKO provides a training session on the platform (you'll find it's very intuitive!).
Is setup confusing?
All the tricky bits - setting up the stations, getting the software up and running, all the legal bits - is taken care of by the BYKKO team. The only thing you have to do is to set up an online corporate account, and count the kilometers cycled. We provide monthly reports so no extra work for you.
Can the bikes be branded?
Absolutely! Your own logo can be added on the bikes and stations.
Is is safe?
Cycling has 98% lower risk of road fatalities. Plus, cyclists are covered by the workers insurance in the same way as drivers, public transport users or pedestrians are.
Does BYKKO do the servicing?
Yes! Our skilled technicians will service the bikes every fortnight or on an agreed schedule based on your needs.


See if BYKKO is right for you over a 10 minutes chat.

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