Built to be easy

  • Automation:
    our system is highly automated, requiring minimal operational and labour support.
  • Freedom:
    set your prices and actively manage your fleet using smart dock data or take a more hands-off role – the choice is yours.
  • Cloud Services:
    BYKKO platform makes it simple for fleet owners to operate and customize stations to their specific requirements.
  • Support:
    from equipment maintenance to customer service, our expert team can support you every step of the way.

With its completely automated recharging and bike access system, BYKKO is the perfect solution to manage a fleet intended for collective use.

Self-service charging and docking stations

The most intelligent and reliable charging stations in shared e-mobility. Our built-in technology identifies the risk of theft, damage, or low battery, and it uses IoT technology to notify the operator via the BYKKO Fleet Management platform.

The technology simplifies the operations, which encourages more businesses to adopt e-mobility.

  • Wireless fast-charging induction pads
  • Modular configuration
  • Corrosion resistant materials
  • Extra security and safety features
  • No clutter

The first e-bike in shared mobility with a mid-drive motor and carbon belt

We rigorously stress-tested every e-bike component before ever deploying on city streets. The result is the most reliable and easy to use electric bike available today in shared mobility.

  • Hybrid docked/dockless
  • Smart bike that turns on automatically
  • Strong, fast charge battery 70+ km range
  • Embedded IoT with real-time GPS location, battery/motor health and motion monitoring

User Interface

  • User-friendly web-app with step-by-step instructions
  • Easy unlock with one tap or scan the QR code
  • Map with real-time data of bike availability at each station
  • Trip history, receipts, promo codes, secure payment portal
  • E-Wallet with top-up account function
  • Integrated customer support platform

Fleet Management

  • Built-in ECU means diagnostics are relayed straight to the fleet manager
  • GPS location, riding history, battery health for total control of your fleet
  • Set pricing, promo codes, track payments
  • Set up email alerts, promotions and more on the fly
  • Transport metrics and business performance indicators