Global spotlight for electric bike share experts BYKKO

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Global spotlight for electric bike share experts BYKKO

BYKKO has had an electric start to the year, with the e-bike share fleet management owner and operator selected in the top three companies for the 2021 Empower Women in Shared Mobility Program.

The program, targeted at shared mobility companies with women in lead roles, attracted applicants from across the globe with BYKKO announced in the final three companies alongside Paris/Singapore-based GeoTwin and LA-based ChargerHelp! with the latter announced as the winner at a pre-dawn ceremony this morning.

BYKKO’s Founder and Managing Director MONICA ZARAFU says being selected in the final three companies has provided BYKKO with invaluable exposure to a global network of shared mobility experts.


“We have a fantastic team, the right system, great bikes, and the innovative technology roadmap and now we have been able to showcase BYKKO on a global scale.”

“To be recognised alongside these innovative businesses is an amazing achievement and although we weren’t the company selected into the program, we have been able to showcase Bykko to industry leaders and will be able to build on this strong foundation.”

“Our vision is to have a network of 10,000 smart personal mobility devices, electric bikes, cargo bikes and electric scooters operating in sustainable urban development and public programs globally by 2025 and being selected as a finalist for the 2021 Empower Women in Shared Mobility Program will help us achieve this.”


With systems already in place in NSW, ACT, and QLD, BYKKO has its sights set on expansion and tackling Australia’s car-centric culture.


“BYKKO as a company is still in its early stages, we have had great success but now we need guidance on how to take the business to the next level by attracting investment and creating strategic partnerships to help us tackle one of the biggest challenges to shared mobility transport alternatives – Australia’s love for cars and finding the perfect car parking space!”

“We are hoping the shared mobility experts we have been introduced to will be able to help set us on a path to make significant and lasting change to transport systems in both Australia and around the globe.”

“Our core purpose is to make communities greener, safer, healthier, more livable and provide solutions to minimise barriers to cycling and active travel.”



BYKKO is a multi-award-winning Australian e-mobility technology, software, and services provider. We are a sustainable mobility provider, and our solutions are designed to contribute positively to the communities we operate in.

We use technology to encourage people to have an active and healthy lifestyle which has a positive impact on the community well-being.

BYKKO is a fully integrated e-mobility vendor, operator, and software provider that supports all e-mobility vehicles whilst providing full network planning and design expertise, data management, and a future proof technology roadmap. Our built-in telematics, versatile API capabilities, and robust security make BYKKO the ultimate choice for station-based e-bike sharing and e-mobility.

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