Survey winner tells of incredible story

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Survey winner tells of incredible story

At the completion of the West End Trial in Newcastle, participants were asked to answer a brief survey regarding their use of the BYKKO hub and all were rewarded with a free coffee from Recharge Espresso located right next to the hub. One lucky respondent also won a helmet for a photo contest on Australia Day. Jenni got the most likes on both Facebook and Instagram with a photo of a trip to Nobby’s Lighthouse.

Jenni and her husband Paul told us their incredible story about how the only way he could move around city was on our e-bikes.

Speaking with Founder of BYKKO, Monica, Jenni commented “Paul [and I] moved recently from the UK to Australia but he was suspect of stomach cancer. He was in so much pain that he couldn’t walk or use a push bike and we had no car”.  Jenni told me that they used the bikes very often as it was the only way Paul could get to see Newcastle. Paul told me that he is happy for us to share the story. They are now back in UK hoping to return to Newcastle this year. We promised them to have a permanent station with e-bikes they could use on their return.

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