4 Reasons Electric Bikes are Perfect for COVID Recovery

Bike riding couple with text '4 reasons electric bikes are perfect for covid recovery'

In a year of unprecedented disruptions, one of the biggest changes has been to how we get around. Whether leaving the country, or simply leaving the house, the movement of people has been transformed – possible forever.

As leaders in E mobility, our team has been at the frontline of this disruption. And as people adjust to the new world of transportation, we’ve seen a huge uptick in riders using our bikes. Here are four reasons why electric bikes will be more popular than ever as we head into the COVID recovery period.


1:   Transport will never be the same

The morning commute has been changed forever.

Public transport has been one of the big casualties of the pandemic. Being crammed in a train or bus full of people was never that appealing to begin with, but add in a highly infectious disease and it’s no surprise it’s seen a big decline. Given many experts are predicting that public transport usage may never return to previous levels, it’s time to rethink the morning commute.

Electric bikes are perfectly suited to fill the public transport shaped void in our daily travel. Socially distanced, environmentally sound, healthy and fun, they’re an ideal way to get to and from work during a pandemic and beyond. And, as an added bonus, you don’t show up to the office needing to change out of your sweaty lycra!


2:   Cycling’s never been more popular

During lockdowns, cities around the world saw a spike in people getting outside and exercising.

With little else to do, walking and bike riding became the go to. In fact, cycling became so popular that bike shops couldn’t keep up with demand. In response, governments and councils have invested in new cycling infrastructure, like bike lanes and bike paths.

The electric bike’s accessibility makes it ideal for anyone wanting to get active in the great outdoors. Whatever your age or fitness level, an electric bike allows you to take part in the family ride or explore new parts of your city. With cities and towns become more cycle-friendly, we’re entering a new golden age of two-wheeled transport.


3:   Regional areas need revitalisation

With borders closed, many once thriving regional areas and tourist towns regions are doing it tough.

While international travel may take years to return to normal, domestic holidays are expected to see a huge surge in the near future – and what better way to explore a new town (or wine region) than from the padded comfort of an electric bike seat.

An electric bike hire station can inject new life into an area, allowing tourists and locals to visit more restaurants, shops, galleries and points of interest. Getting people on bikes also means less congested roads and quieter carparks, making for a much more relaxed atmosphere – postcard perfect!


4:   We’ll need to be more flexible

If 2020’s taught us one thing it’s to expect the unexpected.

Being flexible has never been more important. With the world in the grips of a recession, the rise of working from home and uncertainty around the future, long-term commitments like car ownership might not be for everyone: enter electric bike share.

Offering all the benefits without the upfront investment or ongoing maintenance costs, electric bike share is the perfect solution for these times – and our 400% increase in users is testament to that!


The events of 2020 will have a lasting effect on our day-to-day lives for years to come. Fortunately, not all these changes are negative. The massive disruption to our transport and recreation has thrust the electric bike into the spotlight. Aside from being socially distanced, healthy and green, our electric bike share system can power the economic recovery of regional areas and offer freedom and flexibility – something we all need more of these days.




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