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Grand opening Thursday October 12th at 9am, Alfred Street in Circular Quay, Sydney will transform into Future Street until the 15th. BYKKO is proud to be a product partner for the event along with many Future Vision businesses including Street Furniture Australia, Playrope, Buddy, Telstra and GoGet.

Future Street is an installation that showcases a range of concepts that are influencing the way we design our streets, now, and into the future. The concepts include green street, complete streets and smart street elements that contribute to more productive, and more sustainable outcomes than present day.

What is a Green Street?

A green street achieves multiple environmental benefits and ecosystem services, being designed to improve water quality, provide shade and reduce urban heat island effect, urban food production, habitat for wildlife, among other functions.

What is a Complete Street?

A complete street is a street for everyone, allowing movement of all forms – pedestrians, bikes, cars, public transit – in a safe way that promotes activity and exchange, between people and business.

What is a Smart Street?

A smart street is a street that uses technology and data to enhance its sustainability performance. It incorporates functions that include clean energy-powered and shared mobility, uses the Internet of Things to gather data and engage the community and asset managers, monitors the use of the street and provides a platform for reporting performance.

What is the Internet of Things?

The interconnection (via the Internet) of computing devices embedded in everyday objects, enabling them to send and receive data.

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