EOFY investment incentives on offer

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EOFY investment incentives on offer

The end of financial year offers great opportunities, and many financial institutions actually publish investment guides for those looking to take advantage.

A new option can now be added to the list. BYKKO™ bike-share stations provide an excellent investment opportunity for any business.

Small to medium businesses (SMEs) can immediately deduct assets costing up to $20,000. Any business can use shared bikes, either for deliveries, work-related trips, their employees’ health and wellbeing programs or for their customers.

The accelerated depreciation applies to SMEs with up to $2 million annual revenue in 2016-2017 and up to $10 million in 2017-2018.

Consider too, most urban areas in Australia are in the midst of transport system upgrades. And with the Federal Government’s $50 million Smart Cities program, e-bike-sharing forms part of the perfect integrated solution.

“Alternative transport options that encourage active and healthy lifestyle are on Top 10 Hot Commodities.”

(“Amenities: A Hot Commodity”, Colliers International Group 2015)

Researchers at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey, found that when bike-share stations were set up in Pittsburgh neighbourhoods, property values increased 2.5% in the following months.

A recent study in Washington DC based on surveys with business owners (for example, retail shops and restaurants) reported that about 20% of them perceived a positive effect from the city’s shared-bike system. Furthermore, a survey study from Oregon Transportation Research and Education Consortium found bike-rider customers could spend more in the long run compared to car-driver customers. Although they spend less per trip, they visit the establishments more often.

Regardless of your industry – be it retail, food services and hospitality, tourism, real estate or manufacturing – your customers and staff alike have high expectations. In this fast-moving, competitive space, enhancing your company’s capability to leverage digital technologies will help your smart growth.

BYKKO™ system incorporates impressive data technology such as real-time GPS tracking, trip reports, usage mapping, and activity feedback. It user-friendly and accessible to all ages, tech knowledge and fitness levels. Our high-quality systems comply with the Australian safety standards and regulations.

Think of electric bikes as flexible, agile and affordable tools for your business.

Electric bike share provides the benefit of saved time and money. BYKKO™ electric bikes can be used to attend meetings, have lunch breaks, or to get to and from appointments without the worry of arriving late, sweaty or exhausted, reducing your costs for parking, petrol, taxi and car-sharing.

Our bikes can also be used as pedal bikes and cater to personal fitness regimes. As we know, healthy employees are more efficient, more productive and take less time off work.

Bike share is a highly visible, innovative amenity that promotes sustainability initiatives.

A smart business gathers the right data, owns that data and turns that data into insightful tools for the business.

If you are a business adjacent to or within transport hubs, or if you are an accommodation provider, offering e-bike share is a great way to capture customers. Apart from the added income, there is the potential for more effective targeting of your marketing.

For retail, food delivery and courier companies, installing BYKKO™ stations allows for a prominent piece of architecture out the front of each location, highlights the nature of the service, and offers great advertising opportunities.

The stations also provide the usual benefits of docking, security, updating and recharging. Another benefit for business owners is the data. E-bikes provide real-time tracking of deliveries, a potential benefit to end consumers, whilst also tracking staff movements and peak staffing and food production requirements. The data could also provide strategic insights into optimum delivery routes.

BYKKO™ e-bikes make it easier to carry large deliveries and loads, regardless of terrain, climate or the fitness of the rider. This in turn broadens the availability of your staff, who otherwise need to be fit to deliver reliably and speedily on a conventional bicycle. They also remove the turnoff of a sweaty delivery person turning up with your parcel or pizza.

With the end of financial year approaching, a small bike-sharing station should be part of your investment consideration suite.

Act quickly to make the most of the generous EOFY incentives on offer.


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