The youngest bykker, ‘baby Yeti’

Why I chose to announce I was 5 months pregnant via National BYKKO electronic bike share launch http://rethinkfinancial.com.au/why-i-chose-to-announce-i-was-5-months-pregnant-via-national-bykko-electronic-bike-share-launch/

Australia’s first electric bikeshare trial launches in Newcastle

Australia’s first electric bikeshare trial launches in Newcastle Read the full story here: http://www.hunterheadline.com.au/hh/business-news/australias-first-electric-bikeshare-trial-launches-newcastle/

An Electric Idea for Newcastle!

Newcastle Mirage An Electric Idea for Newcastle Read full story here: http://www.newcastlemirage.com/stories/an-electric-idea-for-newcastle

The Dream of a Liveable City

Bykko Recharge Newcastle it’s a bike share initiative, and this is the missing link. Read Laura’s story here: http://www.newcastlemirage.com/stories/the-dream-of-a-liveable-city

Hunter business BYKKO to trial what is billed as the country’s first electric bike share trial in Newcastle

Novocastrians can sign up for free memberships to use the bikes around town. Read the full story here: http://www.theherald.com.au/story/4314441/electric-bike-trial-slated-for-city-use/#

BYKKO Electric Bike Share Trial

BYKKO Electric Bike Share Trial Read the full story here: http://www.newcastlenow.org.au/discover-whats-on/bykko-electric-bike-share-trial?A=SearchResult&SearchID=1818944&ObjectID=6361937&ObjectType=35

Sustainable Transport for Smart Cities

Interbike Australia: A Smart Specialisation Case Study Interview by Kate O’Mara, RDA Hunter http://rdahunter.org.au/news-events/interbike-australia-a-smart-specialisation-case-study